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Oracle for Thinkers and Decision Makers

A surprising way to submit your questions to a safe sounding board!

The Oracle of Delphi was to the ancient Greeks an important place where each year thousands of pilgrims sought and received wisdom. From near and far they went to Delphi to consult the oracle, and ask the gods good advice on important and difficult decisions. As the god of light Apollo was supposed everywhere to penetrate and see what the eye of the people do not notice. The temple housed a special priestess, who acted as a "transport" of these counsels. Possibly intoxicated by fumes, she became religiously ecstatic and spoke in the wisdom of another universe.

How would it be if today we try to explore the reality behind the technique and the physical world and use the result for innovations that surprise the world? If we want to ask questions to the oracle, which bubbled questions than us?

And we ourselves do not even view that reality, as we close our physical eyes for a moment and listen to the other world? I am convinced that we today an oracle, a source of wisdom may be for others. And conversely, that the typical "oracle" approach our ideas in a new light can place. I've seen it: that people gain new ideas and inspiration that vague scheming contour can get and that the noses in project teams stand on one side.

Curious? Then sign up for the workshop "Oracle for thinkers and decision-makers" on May 21 at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam from 14:00 to 17:00 (+ chat afterwards with a drink). You can subscribe by sending an email to The cost is EUR 147, - p.p. ex VAT. The group will be small and select, there is not room for everyone.
If this date is not fitting your agenda, feel free to send a mail anyway, and stay posted for new rounds or get the workshop in-house in your company!

The "take-aways" from the Oracle Workshop: 

> Your case or idea tested against the intuition of a like-minded, secure group; 

> You will learn an interesting form of work that you can use later with your own team; 

> You do new contacts that are useful for your network.

The oracle workshop is a safe environment to test ideas. How do I launch this new product? What can I expect for results of my research? What could be better for the team in my company? No question is too crazy to submit it to the oracle. The group of participants will each in turn act as the oracle.

Should you take the answer 100% seriously? That you know yourself - but you'll be surprised for sure.
The workshop will be completed by a lecture on of the four ways to look at reality, which can take people depending on their character or training.
Naturally, the learning method is also useful to department or team! You can do it yourself, or you can choose to get this workshop led by the ICK in the house.

Here you find a brochure of the workshop as pdf (Dutch).

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