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Graphendo, Graphene oxide


Do you remember the Muppet Show? A green frog in a somewhat outdated theatre, presenting the acts of a bunch of coquettish, numbskull or neurotic but very touching puppets, and a "real" star as guest.

What touched me most in that show is how Kermit made his announcements. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, Fozzie Beaaar -YEaaaaaah”! And rapturously, with dangling arms pointing to the stage, our Kermit walked backward with the opening curtain, indefatigably giving his stars with their bigger or smaller talents full freedom to perform. 

This frog is a metapher and a personal inspriation for me.  Kermit - to some extent, that's me. And with this enthusiasm, I could also make a difference for your company's goals!

Of course, I am not only a touchable frog, but also a clever chemical engineer with a PhD degree, and if my passion alone is not convincing to you, maybe my CV will do. 

As a professional and entrepreneur, I am fortunately not alone! IBDD is happy to work with the following strategic partners:

Engaging Leadership - Boardroom consultancy.

Jan Vaessen Facilitation - A IAF certified facilitator or group processes.>

CSI Sofia, Bulgarijë - Management of contract research in Bulgaria.

Hans Camstra of company IQS Paper Sorting, active in recycling innovation, process and project management.

Hans-Jan Rijbering -  The illustrator of this website. He is able to understand ánd picture business issues!

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