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Graphendo, Graphene oxide

Graphene oxide

A possibility to create substantially lighter and tougher composites without radically changing your recipe.

Distinguish your product! Add "graphene" to its title.

You may be able to increase the elastic modulus of your material over 50% and extend the breaking limit over 6 times (0.1w/w % synthetic graphene oxide in Dow D.E.R. 331 epoxy resin & 13% D.E.H. 24).

Introduce our synthetic graphene oxide (sGO) in your composition.

Indeed, it was not yet available or affordable commercially. 

The new company Graphendo (Jap.: "Way to Graphene") has started a large scale production of synthetic graphene oxide. It is already possible to sign in on our first production batch!

Is our production capacity too small for your needs? Than consider to have us operate your own Graphene Oxide plant! The process is scalable, simple and economic.


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An exploratory research project: get your business case for GO checked!

Graphene Oxide (GO) seems promising as a materials reinforcement. But, as GO was rather a research curiosity topic than an indsutrial product up to now, there is a large lack of practical data and experience.

Therefore, we are carrying out a very practical research project with students at the Hogeschool Rotterdam at the RDM Campus.

I am looking for companies who may be interested in material enforcement, and who may be interested in gathering more data. One could think of more solid and more impact resistant casings for telephones, small tools from composite material, or application in 3D printing base materials in order to achieve stronger products. I am working in order to start a graduation research project at the Hogeschool Rotterdam (university of applied science at the RDM Campus), and I would be glad to gather industrial cases for which the students could test GO as a potential solution.

Would you be prepared to support such a research with a case and with a financial support of e.g. EUR 2000,--? The money will be usedfor the project management, costs of the Hogeschool and materials (among others the Graphene Oxide).

An example of a case could be: "we have an adhesive that is not strong enough at high temperatures and we are interested in evaluation of the effect of GO on the adhesive strength under extreme conditions." (In light of this example, I'd like to note that the Hogeschool has a modern adhesives testing laboratory!).

Practical conditions like confidentiality, mutual communication of all industrial cases and options for publication of results are of course very important. We should address these in a later stage, in case this proposal is interesting for you. 

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