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Niels Flach as a lecturer and coach

Innovation is a social process! In the aesthetic beauty of a successful innovation process, as well as in the intriguing attractiveness of the result, you could see a resemblence between innovation and a beautiful dance. Like innovating, you do dances in varying coalitions, just depending on which party has the skill and enthousiasm to cooperate with you. Also, like in a dance, a beautiful performance enforces respect and  esteem. 

Innovating is a bit like assuming a dance with the chances and possibilities that reality has to offer you. Just like dancing can be learnt, innovation comes with certain methodologies, as well. Like IBDD's scheme of thinking that describes an innovation process in 5 clear steps and the technique to combine existing principles in order to create something new. 

A lecture with this subject was held by Niels Flach on October 17, 2011, during the granting of the Suriname Innovation Award in Paramaribo. This inspiring and useful lecture can also be held at your in-house training, symposium or other occasion!

Of course, lectures and workshops on other aspects of innovation and R&D, like project kick-offs and project management trainings, are also possible. Give me a call to learn about the possibilities!

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